Education Candidates, Afrocentric No, CDBG Losses

Solutions to improve education vary candidate by candidate Tribune
and Democrats running for governor all agree more needs to be done to
improve education in Illinois, but they have sharp disagreements about
the best way to achieve those successes.

Afrocentric curriculum divisive, not unifying

achievement gap between blacks and whites is the tragic result of
centuries of isolation, inequality, exclusion and separation of the
races. How regrettable, then, that self-separation now is considered a
way to close that gap. Unfortunately, that's the direction that some
want to take Evanston/Skokie School District 65, by establishing an
Afrocentric curriculum for struggling black students.

Aldermen lobby feds to reconsider CDBG funding cuts Defender
Chicago lawmakers traveled to
Washington D.C. last week in opposition of $9.6 million in cuts to
Community Black Development Grant funding. The reduction of federal
funding is a 10 percent loss citywide to CDBG-funded projects beginning
April 1, Lewis said. CDBG funding for the city has been on the decline
since 2002, with losses from the program totaling nearly $23 million in
four years, he added.

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