Editorial Support For Meeks' Effort

Meeks' fury over schools ignited in past Chicago Tribune

To better understand the determined fury of State Sen. James Meeks—his fiery rhetoric on education funding and proposals to spark city-suburban confrontations—we must look back to spring 2006, when Meeks himself got a schooling he can't forget.

In return for more money ... Chicago Tribune

We applaud Meeks' unwillingness to let Chicago students languish for

yet another school year in public schools that we've long argued are

short on resources and on accountability for the money they do receive.

Meeks: Abolish the property tax system Southtown Star

Meeks began his most recent campaign with a call for a student boycott of the Chicago Public Schools on opening day.

Hey, New Trier: Solve this crisis Southtown Star

While it costs less to educate a kid from a two-parent home in

Wilmette than a low-income kid with a working, single mom in Chicago

Heights, we say it's OK to spend more on the rich kid.

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