Echoes Of Ravenswood: Parents Staying Engaged

PaxiljpegFor some parents, public schools are the only option. For others, they are a struggle, a frustration, an idea. This article from the latest

Atlantic magazine (Tales Out of School) is partly about getting over Jonathan Kozol's notion of school integration but mostly about the struggle for parents in urban school districts to stay engaged with public schools. It reminds me of some of the things I've heard from Ravenswood parents. No one is spared. There's funny,

harsh stuff about affluent parents and public schools: "The aesthetics alone of public schools are

horrifying—the chain-link fence, putty-colored bungalows, fluorescent

lighting." In the end, the author finds Kozol negative and oblivious, and

ends thusly: "True integration, I think, does not result from a single


dramatic gesture, like the march on Washington Kozol envisions. True

integration evolves from daily, tiny, bridging human moments." via


UPDATE: Working link here.

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