Easton Rumored For IES Spot Under Duncan

According to a blog post from a Washington-based think tank that has since been taken down (Going to the Hoop), Chicago's own John Easton may well be headed to Washington as rumored in the past -- for the highly prestigious job as head of IES.

Here's the post, recovered from the Internets:


of Education Arne Duncan has been swamped with stimulus work. But he's

still making headway on building out his senior team. These

appointments have not been announced yet, but Duncan has added them to

his starting line up:

Marshall (Mike) Smith,head

of the education program at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

until last November and the acting deputy secretary during the Clinton

era, has signed on for a year or two as a senior counselor to Duncan

and is currently playing point on the education portion of the stimulus


Jon Schnur,

co-founder and CEO of the social entrepreneur enterprise New Leaders

for New Schools and a former aide to Vice President Al Gore, gets the

nod as chief of staff.

Bob Shireman,founder of The Institute for College Access & Success and a

long-time Washington higher education wonk, is set to buzz into the

game as assistant secretary for higher education.

And John Easton,

executive director of the non-profit Consortium on Chicago School

Research and a former research director in the Chicago public school

system, moves into the paint as director of the Institute of Education

Sciences, the department's research body.

They're a bunch of white guys. Can they jump?

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