Duncan Watch

Lots of stories about Arne in today's news:

Pros ought to know pronouns

Burbank Leader, United States -

Readers were complaining about something Arne Duncan, President-elect

Barack Obama’s pick for education secretary, said in his acceptance


A Charter Setback in Florida

Wall Street Journal -


Chicago schools chief, Arne Duncan has found innovative ways to skirt

the restrictive cap on the number of charter schools that can operate

in Illinois, ...

Brewing Controversy? ChiTrib Leaves Out Duncan Mention in ...

NewsBusters -


course, Duncan cannot be personally culpable for all misconduct in

Chicago public schools on his watch, but he certainly is responsible

for scandals ...

10 Things You Didn't Know About Arne Duncan US News

Duncan's wife, Karen, is a native of Australia. She has worked as

a high school physical education teacher and coach, and she was once

the athletic director at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

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