Duncan Vs. Woestehoff: Battle Of The Titans

Earlier this week, NPR's Talk Of The Nation did a segment on mayoral control featuring CPS as the grand-daddy of this particular reform (Should City Mayors Control Public Schools?).  Duncan is on, along with PURE's Julie Woestehoff and Washington DC Mayor Adrien Fenty, who wants to do like Daley did. As you might expect, Duncan gives his schpiel about what a great thing mayoral control has been, and Woestehoff does her thing about the 144 schools that have done well on their own via their LSCs.

Each year, there are fewer and fewer autonomous LSCs, it seems, even as more schools get freedom from CPS rules and regs via charter, contract, or AAMPS status.  I'd hate to see LSCs go away entirely.  (The old Community School District buildings still sit nearly empty in New York City, which got rid of their version of LSCs a couple of years ago.)  But someone's got to revitalize or rethink the LSC construct for it to become powerful and effective again.  What would a next-generation LSC law look like, I wonder?

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