Duncan Should Stay. But He Has To Go.

Should Duncan go, or stay? That's the question on many peoples' minds, including Elizabeth Evans from INCS, who very much wants him to stay (Chicago schools need Arne Duncan's skills).

I'm guessing that Mrs. Arne Duncan and child also prefer to stay in town.

In the short term, Duncan wins any way it plays out: he's considered for the job, takes the job, declines the job.

I'm not sure it makes much difference to Chicago schools whether he goes or not, considering how tightly locked down the Board has been. (I dare one of them to vote against something, just once!)

The only way Duncan loses is if he goes to DC and flops like the last big city superintendent did (Rod Paige). Bullied by folks in the White House and by the teachers unions, Paige had an awful time of it. Paige shoulda stayed in Houston. Duncan should probably stay in Chicago.

Problem is, what does Duncan do next? Go work for a foundation or a for-profit? Go back to school and reinvent himself? He's a young guy, has been on the job a while now, and the end is gonna come someday soon one way or the other. So maybe he has to go, even though it may not work out so great.

Personally, I'm hoping he doesn't get the chance. I'm just not inspired or impressed enough by him to want him to be at the helm of the USDE. It's largely a bully pulpit position, and I have just never been moved by the guy despite his obvious improvements as a speakerover the years.

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