Duncan Pros and Cons


is a running list of some of the main strengths and weakness of Arne

Duncan from his seven years as head of the Chicago public schools:


Lasted seven years -- a lot longer than many predicted.

▪ State test scores have increased every year


has been in office, according to the board of education.


has by all accounts improved tremendously as a public speaker.

▪ Sends his daughter to a local public school.

▪ Strong supporter of community schools.

▪ Early critic of NCLB testing, tutoring, and transfer requirements

▪ Chicago participates in Roland Fryer "learn to earn" program. ▪ Tall,

skinny, and with a funny name -- just like his soon-to-be-boss! ▪ Has

more gray in his hair than it seems from this AP pic.



has never been a finalist for the Broad education prize for urban school reform.


’s NAEP scores lag many other big city districts, according to TUDA.


ailed to win substantial concessions from the Chicago Teachers Union in the last contract.

▪ Failed to expand the highly restrictive charter school cap for

Chicago (30)


▪ Renaissance 2010 disrupted the education of thousands of students in the early years esp.


’s reform efforts have failed to attract (or retain) white and middle-class families.

▪ Criticized by Blagojevich for only having offered free school bus rides in exchange for the Senate seat.

What am I missing?

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