Duncan Press Effort Goes Into High Gear

Following up on Arne's suspiciously well-publicized visit to DC earlier this week come a pair of equally well-coordinated pro-Duncan items on the Washington Post editorial page (A Job for a Reformer) and the New York Times David Brooks column (Who Will He Choose?). Credit for good media work, at least.

Substantively, it's pretty sad that there's so little good information about Duncan in the national press and DC blogs. Some people think he's best friends with Obama. Lots of people think he's another Michelle Rhee or Joel Klein. Come on, now.

No one seems to note that he's had not the greatest time of it, between Unity High, youth violence, the limp ISAT scores, and news that CPS has lost 45,000 kids in five years. Or that he hasn't gotten a ton of concessions from the teachers union, or come anywhere near winning the Broad Prize.

Meanwhile, I don't think that there's anyone working the Darling-Hammond side of things nearly that professionally, which could hurt -- or help -- her.

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