Dueling "Grow Your Own" Stories

It's always interesting when there are two articles on pretty much the same topic. This time, it's dueling Tribune and Medill pieces on the GYO Teachers program that got more funding from the state and is being pushed along by ACORN among others.  I must not be on their media list anymore, cuz I didn't get the press release that I'm guessing prompted both these stories.

Schools seek help
from within
To stem the tide, the state has launched a program, called Grow Your Own, that
recruits nontraditional teaching candidates out of struggling communities, pays
their way though college and puts them to work in challenging schools.

Program helps low-income
workers become teachers
Last week state
lawmakers, educators and community activists kicked off a two-day summit to
discuss ways in which a similar statewide program, called Grow Your Own
Illinois, could be implemented. Illinois'
recently passed budget included $3 million for the project. Last year state
lawmakers approved $1.5 million for the program's planning stage. 

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