Driver's Ed Dilemma

Here's a letter from an irked CPS parent who seems to have found out that Driver's Ed has been cut-- maybe you know something about this?

"I am the parent of a CPS student who was recently rescheduled for

"traffic" due to budget cuts for the program. My child was rescheduled

to take traffic in July but there's one problem....she's a senior and

would have to come back after graduation to complete it. That's

assuming she would even be allowed to graduate without having completed


"How can the State of Illinois tout its Safe Driver Program, when the

Board of Education is dismantling part of the foundation for it?"

Read on for the rest of the letter.

Apparently, there was a Board of Education meeting held on March 28th

at which the budget was cut, however, my child nor I was ever notified

that she had been rescheduled until the day she showed up for traffic

on April 13th. Mind you, there was another week of school after this

meeting occurred and there was a week of spring break, but no contact

was ever made. Luckily, I encountered a very understanding and

frustrated employee that was able to help me reschedule my high school

senior so she wouldn't have to come back after school ends to complete


"Additionally, in speaking with numerous coordinators around the city (I

called trying to get my child into an alternative site that might have

space available), I'm learning that not only have the programs been

cut, but the salaries of the Drivers' Ed. coordinators/teachers has

been reduced dramatically. Fortunately, all of the people I have

encountered really care about the students, but what happens when you

come across someone that feels that they are only going to put into the

job what they are getting out of it? Will the level of instruction

that the kids are receiving be a risk?


pains me to see that CPS, once again, can find money to fund a host

of other events from new uniforms for sports teams to beautification of

the exterior for Collins High School when the Olympic Committee was

here, but they don't seem to care for the core classes that kids need.

They don't seem to care for the special needs schools that are being

closed, over-crowding in certain geographical areas or the violence

that continues to plague our schools.

"I'd love to know if other parents are running into the same type of

obstacles as I had with this impromptu slashing of the Drivers'

Education budget."


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