Draft Day For Vallas Is Friday

Draft_dayRumors continue to fly about Vallas and New Orleans, but no one will confirm anything until tomorrow (Friday), I'm told, when the deal may be inked. 

Do you think they'll do it like with the NFL football draft where the players slap on a baseball cap of their new team and show a jersey?  I can see it now -- Vallas with the cap, Mayor Nagin (or whoever is making the hire) holding onto the "Vallas" jersey.

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  • After what they've suffered through, not just from nature but from the most inept display of government (pretty much at all levels)"management", I'm pretty sure there are some ticked off New Orleaners who will make George look like Ned Flanders.

    I do think it's important to keep this fact in mind: less than 1/2 the students at most CPS non-selective enrollment schools read at grade level and do math at grade level. This isn't new. I suspect the educational system in the US has never succeeded in educating the bulk of children of poverty well. Blaming the tests for this is a bit like blaming the blood pressure cuff for your high bp.

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