Don't Mess With Sesame Street?

sesame.jpeg"Bert is nursing a 40-ounce beer in a paper bag, Ernies packing a
semi-automatic, Big Bird is smoking joint and Oscar the Grouch, true to
form, is flipping the bird."

Chicagoist rounds up the tempest in a teapot that is the controversy over Sesame Street parody t-shirts that has been in the Tribune and the Daily Southtown.

Don't-Mess-Wit Sesame Street

Theres been some debate lately over the Sesame Street Thug, or Mess-Wit-Me Street T-shirt lines. The shirts have been causing controversy,
primarily in the south suburbs. T-shirts sold at an Evergreen Park mall
feature Sesame Street characters in less-than-wholesome depictions.

Students have been spotted at local schools wearing the shirts, and boycotts have been planned.

Its been a couple of weeks since the T-shirts caused a stir, so, we
admit, the news is a little old at this point, but not nearly as old as
the inappropriate T-shirts on children phenomenon.

generation, at least in recent decades, has seen risqu T-shirts
officially designed for adults end up on children. Co-ed Naked Beach
Volleyball, anyone? Im Too Sexy for this Shirt? Now that were
technically grown up, we can wear our Blow Me T-shirts with pride without the risk of detention.

Our only advice to outraged parents and educators and we see their
point is dont get too worked up. T-shirts come and go pretty quicky.
These shirts will be lucky if they warrant a 30-second spot on VH1s I
Love the '00s. Chances are, they probably wont.

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