Does "The Coalition" Stand A Chance?

As you know, there's a new blog up and running, called the Coalition for a Strong Democratic Union -- an "independent forum" for members of the CTU. It's got some good links and a bunch of uploaded documents including fliers alleging financial mismanagement by the current CTU leadership and the CTU constitution, all in PDF form.

Do you think this new coalition has a chance of resolving the internal strife within CTU and returning the CTU to the job of protecting teachers and making schools better for everyone? Or do you think that the situation isn't so dire and can be handled through the pre-existing CTU caucuses, PACT and UPC?

UPDATE: Listen here to find out what happened when delegate John Kugler tries to raise a question of privilege with Marilyn Stewart at the most recent delegates meeting: "The issue was to remove or at least identify the salaried CTU staffers

so they would not influence the debate since it is those very people

that my be cut from the budget," writes Kugler.

May 7 HoD-Question of Priviledge (jk).mp3

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