Does New Contract Eliminate Tenure At Fresh Start Schools?

That's the concern expressed by a teacher at one FS school (there are 11) who says that there is an agreement which the union and CPS worked out to evaluate teachers that does not follow the employee handbook (online at CPS) nor does it follow the existing contract or the one which will be implemented if the Union ever prints it. It was not presented to the delegates; it was not presented to the membership to vote on. It sounds like the same one that was used last year to evaluate PAT teachers, now applied to Fresh Start teachers this year.

The PAT process didn't eliminate lots of teachers, last year at least, but if it's now being used on tenured teachers that's a whole 'nother thing, right? "There is no one to represent the teacher. The mentor is from a union list and the mentor decides if the teacher will be retained. Since a rating is strictly the principal's opinion and this opinion does not have to have a factual basis, it becomes very easy to fire someone."

For more information provided by this teacher, read on.

These are the links:

Notice that the agreement does not appear in either place. For the agreement to be in force, it must be pass the IL legislature. It has not.

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