Dirty Tricks & Cash Incentive Tricks In New York

When an oped piece came out yesterday criticizing Diane Ravitch for flip-flopping on her criticisms of various Bloomberg school reform ideas, some folks (Whitney, Andy and the performance pay mafia) seemed pretty happy about it. Today, however, Elizabeth Green in the NY Sun reports that the column was actually the result of some good old opposition research done by the NYC Department of Education. That doesn't mean the criticisms of Ravitch are all off, of course. It just shows you how far some people will go to try and swat away an annoyingly persistent and knowledgeable critic.

Perhaps the most overlooked article of the week is this one from New York magazine (Can Cash Incentives Pull a Poor Family Out of Poverty?) looking into the prospects of success for New York's much-debate cash incentive program started this September. We've heard what everyone thinks about giving incentives (aka bribes) to poor families for health and educational behaviors -- I'm OK with them, most folks aren't. Now take a look at how they work in the real world. The experience of the family that's being helped may open your eyes.

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