Did Debbie Lynch Get Dumped For Being Progressive?

Louise Sundin, the longtime union leader in Minneapolis, was voted out of office last week -- the latest in a long line of reform-minded union leaders to lose their jobs.

"Recent history is replete with union presidents turned out of office because the members perceived they were "too cozy" with management," according to the EIA Communique.  "So, we had Rick Beck ousted in Cincinnati for negotiating a performance pay plan, Deborah Lynch ousted in Chicago for a union-management partnership for
    failing schools, and John Perez ousted in Los Angeles for being insufficiently militant. Even Randi Weingarten in New York, as safe as any union president can be, is frequently criticized as a sell-out."

That's a little bit simpllistic when it comes to CTU.  Lynch didn't get dumped for the partnership schools but rather for a bunch of other things (the contract, etc.).

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