Depicting The Lives Of Teachers, For Better Or Worse

There are two radio and TV bits about teachers' lives out there right now, one on the radio and the other on HBO tonight:

The Private Lives of Teachers NPR


do teachers do on their summer vacations? That question got students at

Chicago's Curie High School curious.

A High School Finds Itself Left Behind and Drowning NYT

Bureaucrats can make all the rules and set all the benchmarks they

want, but none of it will change anything if no one can be found to do

the hands-on work of teaching. As seen in this film, it’s not just a

thankless job; it looks disconcertingly as if it might be an impossible

one. [HBO doc premieres tonight.]

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What's your favorite depiction of the lives of teachers, fiction or nonfiction? Mine is probably Half Nelson, the 2006 movie about the teacher with a heroin problem, or Season 4 of The Wire where the failed cop decides he's going to teach 8th grade math in Baltimore.

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