Delegates, Like LSC Members, Can't Find Each Other

At least one CTU delegate is formally demanding to see lists of delegates so that they can communicate among each other -- just like LSC advocates have long struggled to get LSC lists so that they can share ideas and communicate among different schools.

"It is imperative

that we receive the directory to be able to communicate union business

with fellow delegates to be able to perform our duties as an informed

member of the Chicago Teachers Union. In these fiscally challenging

times for the union it is imperative that we as the governing body of

the union be able to communicate freely with each other. It is also

imperative the general membership be able to communicate with their

elected union representatives. It is also following the directive of our President Marilyn Stewart ("

Amazing in this day and age that this information isn't (a) mandatory and (b) online. But then again, letting delegates talk to each other via phone or email would make things a lot hairier at delegates meetings. And, of course, this is Chicago we're talking about.

What about a FOIA request?

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