Deciding Mayoral Control In NYC

In New York, as in Chicago, there's always debate about whether mayoral control is a good thing or not. Some people think that Joel Klein (pictured) has done a great job under Mike Bloomberg (the mayor) over the past seven years.

Others think that giving the mayor direct control (there used to be a board appointed mostly by borough presidents, and elected school districts that did their own hiring) was a bad idea that hasn't gone well.

The difference is that in New York it seems that there is at least a chance that mayoral control could be weakened or altered during its renewal process. Here's a taste of the coverage of a recent hearing held by a state legislative committee:

Klein Defends Mayoral Control of Public Schools

Joel Klein under fire admits bus bungle

Communities must be involved in school governance, group says

Is there a regular renewal process for the 1995 law that gave the mayoral control over the Chicago schools? Are there even legislative hearings, or reports or studies?

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