December Board Meeting

It's going to be a strange board meeting this month, what with the announcement that Arne Duncan has been picked to be the next Education Secretary. But the show must go on.

Let the budget cuts and school closings continue!

Here is the board agenda for the December meeting (Upcoming meeting agenda), which I can't seem to download.

Meantime, here's the action items from last month (here), which include a settlement (Henricks), several warnings (Hendricks, Byrne), the relocation of Skinner, etc.

UPDATE: Thanks for the PDF help -- now I can tell you that the agenda includes some tax abatement resolutions I don't really understand, a new debarment and principalship requirement policy, some amendments to approve the renewal or withdrawal of various schools (LEARN, Westinghouse, Noble, etc.), the end of controlled enrollment at Rachel Carson and Mary Lyon and Morrill ES, among others, .

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