Death At Fenger HS

More than a couple of folks have written in about this Tribune story by Tracy Dell'Angela and David Heinzmann on the killing of a Fenger HS student (Cop fatally shoots teen). 

As you'll see, the piece isn't just the facts, which are unremarkable, but rather a brief and searing portait of a kid and his friends trying to grow up.

As one person wrote me, the article "gives a true sense of the type of awful stuff that our kids and our high
schools are dealing withand it really shows that theres often some
good hiding behind the thug posturing that kids do to try and fit
in or to survive."

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  • When I read your blog I went to the Program Locator on the T/MC web site to see if there were any tutor/mentor programs serving teens in the 60628 zip code of Fenger. I found 19 listings.

    In my blog I wrote about how not all of these listings were current, and about how people in business, churchs, foundations, etc. could help us make sure the listings in the Program Locator are current, while also helping these programs be the best they can be at helping kids navigate their way through school and into careers.

    This needs to be a partnership of schools, non-school organizations, churches, businesses. Otherwise we'll just keep seeing the same bad news repeated in other neighborhoods, and in this neighborhood, too.

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