Dance Of The Lemons In CPS?

I saw this article and wondered whether this would work to get more good teachers in low-performing schools -- all predictable grumbling aside -- and how much seniority bumping there is anymore in CPS, anyway.  Not that there are any bad teachers in CPS, of course.

California Schools May Get Break from Bad Teachers SF
The new law would no longer require principals in low-scoring schools to hire
unwanted teachers. Like Balboa, these rank 1, 2, or 3 on the state's 10-point
Academic Performance Index. Principals in higher-scoring schools would have a
window of time each year to hire whom they please -- beginning on April 15 and
running through the summer.

I remember the Consortium reporting that, back in the bad old days when Vallas closed some schools for the summer and fired the teachers, most ended up teaching the next fall at other low performing schools.  Any way out of that?

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