Dallas Stands Down

An email from CSDU includes a letter from former CTU vice president Ted Dallas explaining his next steps in the fight against his dismissal from CTU. Check it out. What do you think?

June 2, 2009

Dear CTU Members:

I am writing to
inform you that I have decided to end my long legal struggle with the Chicago
Teachers Union leadership. I am doing so for no reason other than the fact that
I can no longer afford to keep up the legal expense involved in the lawsuit. I
want to make it clear that this is the reason and that there has been no other
circumstance that has forced me to do so.

My experience
with the CTU spans over thirty years. As I reflect over that time, I realize
that I have worked as a school delegate, picket captain, strike coordinator,
district supervisor, high school functional vice-president, trustee, American
Federation of Teachers (AFT) convention delegate, Illinois Federation of
Teachers (IFT) convention delegate, grievance correspondent, Illinois Federation
of Teachers Union vice-president and, most recently, as your CTU vice-president
for the past four and one-half years. I have also served on or chaired over 20
CTU, IFT and AFT committees.

Early in my
career I realized that the interests of our professional and school related
professionals (PSRPs) are essential to a cohesive union and I worked hard to
make sure that they also felt represented by our union. During my time with the
union I have been a relentless defender of teachers and PSRPs. I have written
and filed hundreds of grievances on behalf of both teacher members and PSRPs.

My philosophy as
a union activist has always been about building union strength, the transparency
of its processes, and empowering its members. I have never hesitated to put
myself on the line for members with principals, administrators, or the Board of
Education. I have always tried to be a straight shooter, even when it wasn’t
popular or the politically expedient.

I feel honored
and privileged to have been able to represent you. I am proud of my association
with you and the union accomplishments that we have made together.

Current comments
about our union have become increasingly negative. We must remember, however,
that weare the union! We have the authority and responsibility
to make the Chicago Teachers Union all it can be.

I will always
remain available to assist you. Please never forget that I am only a phone call
away at 630-479-6673.

In true solidarity,

Theodore Dallas

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