Cunningham Says: Survey Results Show Student Perceptions

District 299 favorite Peter Cunningham returns with news about a new survey being released by CPS.  Writes Cunningham:

"If you want to know how Chicago high school kids really feel about their schools, theres a new resource available. For the first time ever, the CPS high school directory includes results of a student connection survey done last spring asking students a series of questions on five key topics: Safe and respectful climate, High Expectations, Student Support, Social and Emotional Learning Skills, and Participation in Extracurricular Activities.  Check it out.  The results may surprise you."

Rest of Cunningham's Post:

of the students system-wide answered the questions, and their answers
yield a percentage of positive responses which are then ranked against
other similar schools.

So, for example, Al Raby School on the West Side
has the 4th-highest ranking in the city in terms of high expectations, but is ranked 33rd in terms of safe and respectful climate. Kenwood is 14th for participation in extracurricular activities but 9th in terms of supportive teachers and staff.

Per my earlier post about careful use of data, this information should not be misused to embarrass or judge a school in isolation.  Students may feel unsafe in a school with
a great safety record or they may feel disconnected in a school with
many extracurricular activities. 
This is the first time we have done this and, like any survey instrument, it is by no means perfect.

the data should be thoughtfully considered by parents, students,
teachers, principals and administrators who want to better understand
the overall school climate in the view of our most important customers
the kids.

You can check out the survey results (in PDF form) here.

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