CTU President Wants Respect -- From Her Own Treasurer

Another great letter from Marilyn Stewart -- almost as good as the one she wrote to Arne about Ted Dallas a few months ago. This one is addressed to her Treasurer, Linda Porter, about Porter's disrespectful tone and attitude at a recent CTU event.

Thanks to a reader for scanning and sending it in, with the following description: "This letter is regarding the incident where MS crashed the PAVE

workshop after cutting all funding for it and trying to sabotage it a

month earlier. Linda Porter told MS to get lost. From what I read it

looks like our Treasurer is not an elected officer but an employee

under MS."

As with Dallas, Stewart is hampered by the fact that Porter is an elected official not an employee. I'm not sure Stewart can do much beyond sending letters and making life miserable for Porter. And I don't know what can be done to make things right within the CTU.

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