CTU Leadership Issues Contract Clarification

CTU issued the following clarification regarding the contract proposal that is being delivered to CPS teachers this week for a vote on Monday the 10th. 

Tentive Agreement

See the summary at http://www.ctunet.com

On Tuesday September 3rd, you should be receiving
your copy of the tentative agreement in your school.  We hope to have the
full text posted online for you at the same time. Several questions came
up at the delegates’ meeting that we feel need to be
clarified. When you
read the changes please keep the following in

·   The parts of the present contract
that CTU
proposes to change or delete are shown
with a
line drawn through them.

·   The present
contract is shown in light
print; proposed changes or
additions are
shown in bold (dark)

·   Any articles from
the previous contract
not mentioned herein will remain in the
contract unaltered.

·    The referendum will
take place on September

Insurance Clarification:

Dental and
psychiatric coverage remains the same as in the current
agreement. The current contract language that is not crossed out
and remains is:

"The BOARD shall
provide medical, prescription drug, mental health, dental and
vision benefits, flexible spending accounts, life and personal
accident insurance, and a savings and retirement program as set
forth in the summary description attached hereto as Appendix E,
subject to the terms of this

Insurance premiums
are frozen for three years. In the 4th year, if the cost of insurance to
the Board goes up between 1% and 5%, you will have to pay 50% of
your current percentage on your 4% raise. For example, if your
salary is $60,000, your raise (4%)would be $2400 divided by 2 =
$1200. If you are on the most expensive PPO you pay 2.8%. $1200
X 2.8% = $33 per year or $2.75 per

Emergency Room visits will rise
due to the fact that people use them indiscriminately for
non-emergencies rather than going to a doctor. This drives up the cost
for the rest of the group. When there is a legitimate emergency a patient is
normally admitted to the hospital through the emergency
room. When
this happens there would be no charge for usage. This is a cost
containment from which we all can benefit.

If you have any further
questions, please don't hesitate to call your field


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  • Retired teacher-

    If you had no free time as a teacher and spent all of your time grading papers and doing lesson plans, you were probably a terrible teacher, so good riddance and enjoy your retirement. The key to good teaching is to find balance and since you never had any time in the past and were "too busy", welcome to the internet....you know it's on computers now.

    Oh, and stop being such an asshat. (if you don't know what that means...you can visit urbandictionary.com - that's on computers, too)

  • 10:01

    Maybe you go through your life in whatever non-teacher capacity you've decided to exist in, and you don't vent. You don't joke, you are not jocular, and perhaps you are one of those serious types who likes to be called Stephen instead of Steve, or Michael instead of Mike...and that's great, and that's wonderful.

    However, many people enjoy having personalities. Some of them are crass, some of them are idiotic, some of them are fun loving.

    As for "policy makers" reading this blog, they should spend a little more time reading the contract they managed to squeeze out of their buttocks instead of the ramblings of a bunch of juvenile teachers. And parents...well, if they have the time to read this blog, AMEN...that means they're actively involved in trying to help out the teachers...and most of the parents of my students that I talk to regularly, well they like me because I'm a real person, not some stoic, hard-to-connect-with intellectual.

    So, 10:01 (if that is your real time), people who are in the same family disagree and have fights, people who are in the same union disagree and have fights...maybe in your utopia, the the brotherhood/sisterhood thing means everyone agrees and no one dissents...but in Realtown, USA, it means just the opposite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how idiotic, trite, and uniformed it might be...thus, you were allowed to post, and it was treated with the same respect as one of my thoughtful, insightful, earth-shattering pieces of wisdom...you should feel honored.

  • voting no-

    I too am voting no, I'd rather see them renegotiate and give us a chance to vote on a legitimate contract before we vote to strike. Take off two of the years, give us 5% or more/yr, really freeze those insurance rates, give us something that we can at least consider seriously.

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