CTU: Everyone Meet In Greektown!

Long after this infamous September 2nd post (Let The CTU Infighting Continue) disappeared from the front page, the conversation continued. It has been, shall we say, a vigorous debate. It is often written in obscure language that is inscrutable to anyone who's not closely involved in the issue. That is, when it's not full of personal attacks.

I know that the only reason the comments continue is that this is the only place that allows anonymous comments, and is neutral if not indifferent (obvlivious?) to the sides and factions and alliances that are involved. But I've come to appreciate the energy that goes into the comments, and hope that they will continue here now that I've shut down comments on the old comment thread. (Think of it as a pause.). The old thread was just getting too long.

Want to get caught up on the action before it recommences below? Here's a recap: (1) There are some people who don't think Marilyn Stewart and her appointees are good at their jobs or behaving ethically. (2) There is little agreement or trust among those who would remove or replace the CTU president. (3) Efforts to raise issues or get things done at the Delegates' meetings do not seem to have been successful. (4) Trash talk (and perhaps some drinking?). (5) Everyone meet in Greektown!.

Pictured: George Schmidt (right) and some other guy I have no idea.

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