CTU Endorses Blago, Gets Not Much

Wow.  That didn't take long.  It's not up on the CTU website yet, but their press folks have announced that the union has officially endorsed Gov. Blago:

"Governor Rod Blagojevich got the nod September 6 from members of the Chicago Teachers Union at the unions monthly House of Delegates meeting. The membership voted overwhelming to support the incumbent governor based on his voting record and his stance on major educational issues."

Big surprise, I know.  But did they get anything for the endorsement, I wonder?  Sure, there was some extra language objecting to the already-slack HOUSSE teacher quality requirements in Blago's letter (download it here).  And I guess they couldn't have threatened to go over to Meeks, given Meeks' quick (and cheap) buyoff earlier this year. 

But still...what about pressuring the Gov. to say he'll consider a tax swap next time around?  What about pressuring him to make some of the vague proposals from his Meeks plan more specific? Nope.  Nunna that.  All they got, far as I can tell, is the "hope" that the Gov will do better by education next time around:

"Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart stated that her memberships endorsement is based on the hope that the Governor will finally address the crucial issue of school funding during a second term in office. She added that the governors voting record on labor issues far exceeds that of his Republican opponent, Treasurer Judy Barr Topinka."

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