CTU Announces Contract Passage - Barely

From CTU, via a reader:  "The members voted to ratify the agreement by a vote of 11,788 to 8,941.  School by school tallies will be listed as soon as they are compiled." (VoteRatification)   

But the dailies aren't ready to call it -- yet:

Teachers vote on contract Sun Times

Chicago Teachers Union officials counted into the night Monday, tallying votes on a tentative contract deal.

City teachers OK contract Tribune

Chicago Teachers Union officials were counting votes late Monday after
more than 32,000 public-school teachers weighed in on a proposed 5-year

UPDATE: Here's the latest story (Sun Times):  "Nearly 57 percent of Chicago Teachers Union members supported the
deal, according to an unofficial tally. Some 11,788 voted in favor.
Another 8,941 voted no. About 1,900 supplemental ballots haven’t been counted, said the source. But they’re not enough to change the outcome."


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  • FYI:

    Here are the tabulated numbers by area from last night's count.

    Area 1

    1,236 Yes

    603 No

    Area 2

    810 Yes

    470 No

    Area 3

    509 Yes

    298 No

    Area 4

    627 Yes

    413 No

    Area 6

    578 Yes

    312 No

    Area 7

    289 Yes

    115 No

    Area 8

    370 Yes

    213 No

    Area 9

    474 Yes

    303 No

    Area 10

    450 Yes

    427 No

    Area 11

    539 Yes

    940 No

    Area 12

    351 Yes

    329 No

    Area 13

    317 Yes

    198 No

    Area 14

    321 Yes

    246 No

    Area 15

    304 Yes

    162 No

    Area 16

    401 Yes

    400 No

    Area 17

    538 Yes

    359 No

    Area 18

    423 Yes

    424 No

    Area 19

    675 Yes

    964 No

    Area 21

    669 Yes

    359 No

    Area 22

    579 Yes

    403 No

    Area 23

    499 Yes

    377 No

    Area 24

    407 Yes

    397 No


    390 Yes

    227 No

    CTU Office

    32 Yes

    2 No


    11,788 Yes

    8,941 No

    There are no areas 5 and 20.

    1,975 supplemental ballots were not counted. The union officials decided to not count these ballots since they would not affect the outcome of the vote.

    The area numbers are based on the tally sheets submitted by the delegates. In those cases where the delegate did not count the votes, the votes were counted by the Rules and Election Committee.

    The 32,000 CTU membership number used by various people includes retiree members in the total. The active membership is approximately 29,000.

  • Voted Yes-

    If you read it, page 23, the charts under D clearly show ALL ER visits at $100.00...so if you did read it, you probably should have done so sober...

  • Yes. There are some problems with the contract. And who knows what really went on in the negotioations. But, as far as PAT's go, it's not only that they got a shorter track to tenure. The bigger item is that they have restored due process. Even though the system is still a long way from being honest enough, the fact that PAT's must be evaluated twice, and that the evaluations are grieveable is a big improvement. I have a new position in a different school. However, if this had been the case last year, I would have had grounds for a grievance.

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