Cross-X: A Turbulent, Triumphant Season with an Inner-City Debate Squad

I recently got a nice email from Joe Miller, author of the new book, "Cross-X:  A Turbulent, Triumphant Season with an Inner-City Debate Squad,"  which sounds like an interesting read for anyone interested in urban education.  (One reviewer called it the "Hoop Dreams of high school debate.") 

There's also a local angle.  According to Miller, "Much of the book's action takes place in Chicago, which is sort of a Mecca for high school debate. It's kind of a classic Chicago story. The North Shore suburbs are home to several of the most victorious debate programs in the country....Meantime, Chicago itself is home to what is arguably  the the most vibrant urban debate leaguers in  the nation. They're doing so well that the have pretty much single-handedly saved debate in Illinois . Yet these two debate communities are, for the most part, separate and unequal."

Check out the website -- you can read a chapter, find out where Miller is doing readings, etc. 

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