Crisis At Telpochcalli Not Necessarily NCLB-Related

Over at Small Talk, Mike Klonsky describes what sounds like a disheartening experience, in which a faction of parents is challenging the current direction of the school and raising questions about whether or not to renew Tamara Witzl's contract (An excellent small school facing fallout from NCLB).

There are a couple of things I'd point out about Klonsky's post.  The first is that probation is alive and well in CPS -- in fact it's being updated at tomorrow's Board meeting (see below). The second is that according to this chart, Telpochcalli is only in its 2nd year of not making AYP, is responsible for just three student subgroups (poor, Hispanic, and ELL), and is in much better shape than many other CPS schools. 

Leadership struggles happen, and they're upsetting.  But they're not all the result, direct or indirect, of NCLB or of standards-based reform.

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