Creepy Fingerprint - DNA Sample Kit Giveaway

I got this from CPS last week but didn't fully appreciate how creepy it was until just now:

FBI Gives ID Kits To CPS Families at Report Card Pick-Up

Agents Show Parents and Guardians How to Use Kits to Create Home ID Cards

Agents of the Chicago Office of the FBI give 10,000 inkless finger print and DNA sample kits to parents and guardians of Chicago Public Schools students on Report Card Pick-Up Day, and show them how to use the kits. The kits are designed for easy “at home” fingerprinting. The parent or guardian fingerprints his or her own child and keeps the identification card at home. Seventeen Chicago public elementary schools will receive the kits. The kits are a product of the partnership between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA). The partnership aims to distribute kits to nearly 60 million school children in the U.S., so that law enforcement can respond quickly in emergency situations.

This is for when your kid gets lost, or in trouble, or when they find a body, right? Apparently other cities are doing this, too.

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