Credit Where Credit's Due

It is, as you can imagine, something of an uphill battle to get "real" media outlets (newspapers, etc.) to mention, much less credit, District 299 for its work -- yours and mine -- unearthing and exploring education issues in Chicago.  Blogs are a particularly unofficial and informal format, and in some small ways represent competition.Not that each and everything on this blog is breaking news, or an exclusive, or otherwise unique.

But in the case of this recent WBEZ segment on the Curie LSC crisis (The Power of the Local School Council), wouldn't it have been appropriate, nice -- and fairly easy  -- if they'd mentioned that, thanks to a reader tip, we've been talking about this story since late January -- easily a month before, and in much greater depth than, the mainstream media? In journalistic terms, we broke and investigated this story and explored community reactions like nobody's business.  And yet, nothing.

I like the WBEZ folks, and think they like me.  It's not just them.  There's a blind spot in the media towards blogs, citizen journalism, or whatever you want to call it, and sometimes it's particularly apparent. 

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