CPS Website "Leads The Pack"

A new blog called GothamSchools (about New York) is checking out various big-city websites. Here's what they have to say about Chicago's, which is surprisingly complimentary:

"Chicago has an extensive and easy-to-navigate Office of Research, Evaluation, and Accountability. Data is available going back to 2000 or earlier, query tools allow at least some types of comparison reports, an extensive list of program evaluation reports is posted, and one section even clearly explains how to request data or apply to conduct original research within the schools. Finally, check out Chicago’s Toolkit for exploring their Student Connection Survey results. Incredibly easy to use, it provides materials for helping the user go from analyzing data to acting on it to improve schools. A search tool allows you to find targeted interventions and strategies for specific groups of students with just a few clicks."

A few weeks ago when the site was unveiled, folks mostly seemed not to like it.

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