CPS Charter Schools Performance Report Now Online

Announced earlier this week as part of the press release on the RAND study, the Chicago charter schools performance report is now out and online as a PDF. It's put out every years by the Office of New Schools and can be accessed through the following link. I haven't looked at it yet, but wanted everyone who's working in and thinking about charters to know it was there.

UPDATE: The folks at UNO didn't waste any time in sending out a press release highlighting how they did, on average (not sure if campus-specific info is available). Click below to see the text.

From UNO:

The Chicago Public School's Office of New

Schools has released the 2006-2007 Charter

School Performance Report illustrating the

efficiency of UNO Charter Schools in

servicing their communities and providing

quality choices to the families of the

neighborhoods they serve.

The average statistics of all six of UNO's

current campuses surpass those of other

"comparable" schools within the Chicago

School District 299 including charter schools.

  • ISAT Composite Test Scores: 71.6% of

    students meeting/exceeding state standards

    compared to 64.8% of other "comparable"


  • # 3.2% Increase in ISAT Composite Scores

    from prior year compared to 1.7% of

    "comparable" schools

  • Student Attendance 94.6%
  • UNO has met the Adequate Yearly Progress

    with the fifth year for gains in ISAT Test


  • UNO Charter Schools surpassed the Chicago

    Public School's districts as well as the

    average charter school statistics in both

    attendance and ISAT Test Scores

Student Demographics

  • Average Student Teacher Ratio: 21.6/1
  • Student Enrollment 2006-2007: 1,779
  • 77.9% Latino
  • 20% African American
  • 1.1% White
  • 94.3% Low Income

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