Counting Down To Midnight

Since "Ren-10 2.0" doesn't seem to be catching on, I'm still working on a good, catchy name for this latest and even more confusing than ever round of closings -- Arne's Anarchy, Barbara's Blast, Cunningham's Chaos, Dispensa's Derangement.

In the meantime, I have been briefed by CPS on the details of which schools are on which list (besides Edison and Andersen, which we already know about.

Check in after midnight and I'll post the details then. Apparently both dailies will have stories fleshing out some of the story in Thursday morning's paper, all in anticipation of a press conference at the Board sometime tomorrow. I wonder if they'll credit this blog (you) for getting the first few names and details about the plan ahead of time. Probably not.

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