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Union Chief to Propose Wider Role for Schools NYT

Randi Weingarten...wants to replace President Bush’s focus on

standardized testing with a vision of public schools as community

centers that help poor students succeed by offering not only solid

classroom lessons but also medical and other services.

MannycellphoneUnion election to be lesson on women's achievement Chicago Tribune


20 years ago Randi Weingarten quit a cushy Wall Street lawyer's job to

do legal work for the New York City teachers union. Wanting to know

what it was like in the classroom, she took a part-time job teaching

social studies at a largely black and Latino high school in Brooklyn.

'Education starts at home' Sun Times

Barack Obama collected the endorsement

of the American Federation of Teachers Sunday and promised to fix "the

broken promises" of the No Child Left Behind ...

Obama Courts Teachers Via Satellite NBC

The Illinois senator's language on the subject was likely to please

teachers unions like AFT and NEA because he spoke about working "with"

teachers to find ways to reward them rather than imposing a system "on"


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