Conflict At Curie: The Student View

This student film produced at Curie and just released this past week takes a while to download and probably won't change your mind about what's going on at the school.  But it is extremely informative and a good reminder of just how much kids care about their schools, and just how observant and articulate they are (not to mention what lively film-makers they are). 

In particular, the video footage of the LSC meetings is intense, as is the video of the student speeches down at the Board (especially the big freshman, Jimmy).  The interviews with Mrs. Jones and the students debriefing after the LSC meeting are fascinating as well .  Her smile sometimes seems like a smirk, it's hard to tell.  (Does she really speak Spanish?) 

Madame_curieThere are also some comments taken from this website -- maybe yours.  They've even got PURE's Julie Woestehoff in there, explaining that the Mayor and others want LSCs to lose their power so that they can control the money and jobs that are currently under LSCs. 

Of course, the video won't seem evenly balanced to everyone.  I wish they'd gotten some Hispanic kids to talk about Jones or some Jones critics to tell their side of the story.  And it was produced under a grant from After School Mattes, so all you conspiracy theorists can have yourselves a ball with that one. 

Just make sure you actually watch the documentary before you weigh in -- and demonstrate that you have by sharing a previously unmentioned detail from more than halfway in as part of your response. 

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