Conceptual Math Comes to Chicago: Improvement To Follow

Not to get into the math wars, but hats off to Marty Gartzman et al in the OMSI for getting their work into this week's Education Week story Big
Cities Credit Conceptual Math for Higher Scores

about districts making progress on math instruction using something called "conceptual" math (don't ask) -- even though scores haven't gone up here yet like they have in Boston and San Diego.

"Three years ago, [CPS]a math and science initiative, aimed
in part at fostering a more coherent curriculum," states the article. "The district is now encouraging
schools to adopt conceptually driven math curricula in the K-8 grades. Chicagos
scores on the urban NAEP improved, but not by a statistically significant
margin.  Weve got a long way to go, said Mr. Gartzman."

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