Communications Guy Heading To Denver

Word is that longtime communication guy Mike Vaughn is heading to Denver to be their communications guru. He was in charge for a while, then demoted when Huberman/Bond arrived. Congrats, condolences.

UPDATE: At the Board since 1996, Vaughn was originally hired at CPS as assistant editor of the Chicago Educator-- the newspaper that Vallas started shortly after taking over to keep people up to date on changes/new programs in the district. Later on, Cunningham made him deputy press secretary...then became press secretary...then director of communications last September.

That's him in the back leaning up against the wall back in the old days at Pershing Road. Recognize anyone else in the picture?

Also - Word is that there are LOTS of central office cuts and departures heading forward, as Duncan folks seek a new start and as the Board tries to fill a $475M budget hole.

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