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worked in a charter school for six days! Never again. If learning is

supposed to come from teacher robots programmed by a militant

administration who have no idea how to be administrators, I guess that

would be learning???? The whole business world educating is a joke! I

have many years in CPS and witnessed such a horrific thing at this

charter school. I looked into their system and found attendance to be

so horrible, glanced at a student's name who had missed 60 days of

school. There is no accountability at all. There were so many legal

issues that if parents knew their rights and what was happening, there

would be so many lawsuits. No attendance policy, no discipline

policy.... No policies.... There were still no, i repeat no special

education teachers two w

eeks prior to the start of school. Who does the IEP meetings? I was

never given an answer to that question. There are a few charter schools

that seem to have a great program going on but also have a large board,

qualified staff, and professional admin. The school I am speaking of

working in a short moment, the director and principal were dating. It

was so obvious (flirtations in front of staff), what a joke.

Commenter name: Rebecca“

Horace Greeley Is CPS's "Blue Ribbon" School For 2007


was wondering if anybody had Dr. Carlos Azcoitia's email? I had him as

a teacher back in 1980 when I first arrived to Chicago from Mexico and

I wanted to have a chance to thank him for all his support and his

belief that I could acomplish anything I set my mind to.

If you do have his email address could you please forward that to me to

my email address? Thank you,

Commenter name: Gus Escutia

Commenter email:

Leadership Showdown At Drummond Elementary


Cavey appears to be sweet, understanding and kind. In reality she is

vindictive, evil and unsupportive. Dr. Cavey is a pleasure to be around

Drummond Axes Montessori Expansion


Cavey can be a very sweet person when others are watching her. She is

extremely insecure of others that have similar credentials but are well

respected by their peers and community. She also is not concerned about

the safety of the students she is in charged of. She would send them

into gang territoy rather than hire bus service to secure their safety.

The list continues... Woud you want her to be your principal or the

principal of your school?

Commenter name: O. Gottesman

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Minorities & Education Technology


I am currently involved in a Federal Project to upgrade the network

infrastucture at several CPS Elementary Schools. We basically are

increasing the

local area network bandwidth from 10 MBPS

Mega (million bits per second)to 100 MBPS and the wireless bandwidth

from 11 MBPS to 54 MBPS. The internet will be accessible from anywhere

in the school with a properly configured 54 MBPS capable laptop or

wireless PC.

Unfortunately, I've observed that many many school computers running

Microsoft XP do NOT have the recommended amount of memory installed to

run even at a minimal performance standard. 512 MB is strongly

encouraged. 256 MB is way too slow and 128 MB is a waste of technology.

So in several circumstances our improvements are ineffective under the

current computer configuration.

Also many many schools report that they had no staff on hand that are

truly experienced enought to be considered a technical co-ordinator. It

is obvious the PC is little more than a video game machine in some


Companies are begging to hire technically savy employees. One high

school I was visiting closed their computer labs because no one signed

up for classes. The PCs sat there unused.

Our education system is raising an underclass and no matter what your

political views are, this is terrible for the United States of America.

This is a disgrace for all adults that have the power to change things.

I am sadden by this

revelation that we are doing such a poor job of diciplining and

educating AMERICA'S little boys and girls with so much promise.

I would favor a NATIONAL concensus based on geography of what a

"reasonable" school budget would be. No school would be allowed to have

less. But, no school would be allowed to fail. If we have mandatory

sentencing in our courts, we certainly should have mandatory

performance in our schools.

Commenter name: Don Hocutt

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