Comment Of The Week: Lynch Calls Schmidt Out

There's a tendency to confuse frequent commenter George Schmidt's detailed recall of CPS history and his voluminous posts with accuracy and objectivity. However, former CTU president Debbie Lynch -- one of the few education leaders willing to criticize Arne Duncan's selection for EdSec -- recently showed up on the blog to call out George Schmidt in the comments section:

"Quit rewriting history to make yourself look good. You were the one

who dubbed my contract the "No Member Left Behind" contract, remember?

And David Axelrod had absolutely nothing to do with it (or anything

else there while I was CTU president).Signed, Deborah Lynch, the person who helped you get your union membership back and hired you when you needed a job."

Reached by email to confirm her identity, Lynch added about Schmidt: "he also endorsed me for CTU President in 2001, 2004 and 2007!"

Who's right on this one? I have no idea. But I bet some of you do -- and that you know that we'll need to see something from the papers or other outside sources to go along with your claims if we're going to be convinced.

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