College Choices Lag Behind Qualifications

Here are three different takes on the Consortium report:

Top CPS graduates often land at less rigorous colleges Catalyst

A new study from the Consortium on Chicago School Research finds that

about one in three students who graduate from selective high schools

and programs land at colleges and universities that are far below their


Chicago Achievers Seen Prone to College Mismatch EdWeek


more Windy City students are taking challenging academic programs, too

few are making it into selective colleges, a study finds.

Report: Chicago's Top Students Could be Attending Tougher Colleges WBEZ


many top Chicago high school students are going to colleges that are

too easy for them. That’s according to a University of Chicago study out today.

What do you think? Maybe it looks like the colleges are too easy on paper, but what about the notion that CPS inflates grades and many classes lack rigor? (And the fact that so few CPS kids overall make it through college?) Sad to say, but maybe the kids are making the right decision for themselves -- I mean, assuming they're picking colleges where kids actually graduate.

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