College Book Features Chicago Chapter

They're going to be talking college in DC today, including some Chicago research that you might find interesting. The new book, called ‘College Success:

What It Means and How to Make It Happen’ is coming out -- edited by Michael McPherson,

president of the Spencer Foundation, and Morton Schapiro, president of Williams

College. Juan Williams, Senior

Correspondent, “Morning Edition” is moderating.

According to the announcement: "The book is a follow-up to McPherson and Shapiro’s “College

Access: Opportunity

or Privilege?” (The College Board, 2006). While College Accessfocused

on the impediments to initial college enrollment, “College Success: What

It Means and How to Make It Happen” examines the experiences of students

once they are enrolled in college. The panel will discuss the challenges of

educating students of widely varying backgrounds in the very different contexts

presented by research universities, liberal arts colleges, less selective

colleges and universities, and community colleges.

As you all know, CPS college entry rates are on the rise, while completion rates remain low. Which reminds me that I did a post on Friday on the other blog about a new Atlantic magazine article about what it's like teaching at a college where lots of folks don't actually make it through to get a degree: Admitting -- Then Flunking -- College Students.

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