Closings Don't Hurt Student Academics

According to a new analysis done by Catalyst's Liz Duffrin, the kids who had to leave their original school to move to another one under Ren10 have not on the whole been hurt academically as has been claimed.  But nor have they been transformed into academic superstars.

"Test score analyses show that thousands of students who were forced to
transfer out of closing schools are doing marginally better but are
still behind. Critics cite increased violence in high schools and
overall safety risks as proof that the district's strategy isnt
working." (Slow progress amid strife)

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  • Please also realize that some of these kids have moved more than once, due to the demolition of public housing. Others have fallen off CPS' radar. Most are attending schools on the west and south sides of the city that aren't much better than the schools they left. Why are the schools in Roseland or Auburn-Gresham not getting the same attention?

    I appreciate your coverage of education in Chicago, but I wish you would be a little more even-handed in your approach. Not all is quite what it seems.

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