Closing Confusion

Apparently there's some ongoing and pervasive confusion in the field about which schools are being closed and which are staying open that has required the Board to send out clarifying messaages about what they're doing. 

This email went out from the Board to areas and schools to try and clear things up:

Clarification of School "Closings"/ PHASEOUTS

to the recent confusion over the future of Arai Middle School, Lindblom
College Preparatory, DuSable High School and Bowen High School, this
email is being sent to clarify that these school buildings are NOT

Rather, schools within these buildings have been phasing out
for three years as new schools were created to take their place.  The
process is now coming to an end - the old schools will be gone at the
end of the year while the new schools, which opened this fall, will add
a new freshman class each year until the schools are full again.

      The Arai building houses one small school, Uplift Community
School, and students at Uplift will continue classes as planned.
      The Lindblom campus houses Lindblom Science and Math Academy, and
students at Lindblom Science and Math Academy will continue classes as
*       The DuSable campus houses three small
schools, Bronzeville Scholastic Academy, Williams Prep School of
Medicine, and DuSable Leadership, and students in their respective
schools will continue classes as planned.
*       The
Bowen campus houses four small schools, the Bowen Environmental Studies
Team (BEST), Chicago Discovery, New Millennium and Global Visions, and
students in their respective schools will continue classes as planned.

Again, ALL THE SCHOOLS LISTED ABOVE WILL REMAIN OPEN and classes will continue as usual."

To my mind, the confusion is in large part a function of past efforts
by the Board to finesse what they were doing when it comes to school
closings.  They've been called rebirths, consolidations, and
consolidations, as well as phase-outs, etc.  It's also harder now since
there are multiple schools within a building, and sometimes the closure
refers to a school within a building not all the schools in the

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  • CPS seems to be spending so much time on opening and closing schools in one way or another. I am concerned, however, as it appears to be window dressing. I recall Collins was made into small schools a few years ago, and now it is closing. When will CPS begin to address stagnant test scores and poor instruction? All the rest seems to just be silly, trendy, and superficial.

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