Cloning Bill Fails, Funding Bills Compete

I'm told that HB466, the bill to ban "cloning" of charter schools, has just failed, and that you can check out how folks voted here (PDF).

Meanwhile, Catalyst has a new story up about how there are some new wrinkles in the school funding debate: A green light for school funding plan. "Legislators have yet to vote on the governor's plan to raise more money for schools, but a competing proposal has taken a step forward."

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  • But charter schools are public schools that have to select their children by a random lottery (if they have more applicants than they have slots). Vouchers are privatized education and I am not for vouchers due to the loss of public control of public money.

    But in this case, vouchers are public schools set up as an option for parents who want to choose them. Their student body is not all that much richer than the general student body so I don't see any concerns about elitism.

    Now, have some companies in other states tried to make money off Charter schools? Yes, they have. I don't think any of them have been wildly successful though.

  • 2:10,

    And under what yardstick? Just test scores? What about student violence, is it better or worse (I don't know I suspect Charter schools would try real hard to hush that kind of thing up)? What about graduation rates?

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