Cloned Magnets Might Join Cloned Charters

Arne Duncan is floating a plan to clone some of the city's most successful and popular magnets just like has already been done with charters, according to this Catalyst article (Updates).  It's being called "franchising" -- like Subway sandwich shops, I guess -- and sounds like it's being looked into but not already a done deal.  Apparently, there are twice as many kids who score high enough to make it into an SE high school than there are seats.  No word yet on what would happen to neighborhood kids, of course. 

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  • Why not reward children who can score high enough to make it into a selective enrollment school with a seat in one? It seems like many here want to use the good students to help rear/educate the poor students. Nice idea, but I'm not sure the good students owe anyone that obligation.

  • 8:19 is correct. I have heard of people who will apply for a slot in a SE high school and then when they don't get in they either go private or move to the good school 'burbs.

  • "What happens now is that for every magnet or selective school created, there is a corresponding depression of resources in the local community-based schools (elementary and high schools). Dramatic examples exist (Kenwood after King was revamped) and less dramatic ones (Tilden, Dunbar, and Phillips after DuSable and King were revamped)."

    Is this true? Does the budget show this? Is it possible that the neighborhood schools simply choose to spend their money on other priorities as was stated above?

    I'm guessing that the SE high schools don't have the same special ed load as the generals. They do have some, I would guess, a share of the blind, deaf, physically handicapped, etc., but probably less BD and LD students which, it seems to me, form the bulk of CPS special ed enrollment. Additionally I would guess you have a lot less people who just want to cause trouble and intimidate others with physical violence so less security might be needed.

    The students you will get at a selective enrollment school will simply be more likely to come from functional families. I don't mean functional like the religious right define it (submissive Mommy, hard working Daddy, smiling little kiddies) but a family of any # of adults (1-N) where at least 1 of those adults is focused on the child's education and well-being (emotional & physical).

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