Clinton "Jihad" Against Vouchers

How fun that the Presidential race is close, involves two people with Chicago connections, and at least occasionally includes education issues. For example:


to an eagle-eyed reader for pointing out the crazy comment from Senator

Clinton that closes Elizabeth Green's Obama recent voucher story (Obama Open to Private School Vouchers):

"Asked the same voucher question by the Milwaukee paper, Senator Clinton

had a strong response, saying she opposes vouchers because they hurt

public schools and could also open up the possibility of using taxpayer

dollars to finance dangerous schools including training grounds for


Here's Green's source: Clinton covers range of subjects.

However, this view from Clinton may not be new.Here's a reference going back to 2006.

Now I'm no legal expert, but this outcome seems a pretty unlikely or at least preventable outcome.

Clinton sounds like she's just really upset that Constitutional

arguments against vouchers have been undermined and wants us to know of

the evils of not separating church and state. Or she's just reminding

folks that Obama went to a madrassa as a child (joke!).

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